Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds

My first impression of this movie when I saw it on billboards was that it was just a rehash of a same-old same-old tale of green card marriage scams, but I was interested in watching it because of Sandra Bullock. When I had chances to watch it, though, I didn't follow through, thinking I probably wouldn't enjoy it. Finally, while folding laundry one day and cleaning up my desk, I figured, what they hey, it's on my netflix streaming. I'll just let it play while I work.

This ended up being one of the funniest romance comedies I've seen. There were three elements that made it a great film.

First, Sandra Bullock is always fun to watch. She did a great job of playing a real pain in the neck, matriarchal boss and then showing the small emotional changes the character goes through as she develops.

Second, Ryan Reynolds was great at being the snarky and lowly assistant. The comedy timing and chemistry between the two of them was excellent.

Third, the writing and overall storytelling was really solid and very clever. Though the plot was old, it was regenerated in a new context with very interesting and likable characters. I especially like the use of anti-climax through out so that things get serious, but not too serious, so there's always a level of playfulness.

A supporting cast of seasoned actors didn't hurt, either.

My favorite line? "She comes with a lot of baggage." lol Gammy you crack me up.

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